About Me

Welcome!  My name is Cassie and I'm in the pursuit (sometimes slowly!) of godliness.  I am a die-hard, sold-out, crazy-as-the-day-is-long, follower of Jesus Christ.  The goal that I *try* to keep at the forefront of everything I do is to grow in godliness and become more like my Savior.  Whether it's parenting, cleaning my house, or taking care of my body, I try to do it all for the glory of God.  Sometimes I fail and loose sight of the important things, but thankfully God always draws me back.  This blog is a place where I can examine myself, work through my many (and varied) projects, and hopefully pass on a bit of what I've learned.

A bit more about my life:

My husband, Kent, and I have been married since 2005.  We have two children, Abigail and Nathan, and you'll hear about them from time to time :).  Our life together has been filled with surprises and many ups and downs.  When we met Kent told me from the beginning that he was called into ministry.  Being newly saved, I had very little idea of what that meant!  He finished seminary in 2006 and in March of 2007 we were called to pastor a little church in South Carolina.  Abigail was born in December of 2007, but she was one of few highlights for the next few months.  Slowly the situation at the church deteriorated and God told us it was time to move on in July of 2008.  By February of 2009 we had run out of options in the area we were in, so Kent's mom and step-dad very graciously allowed us to move back to Florida (where we are originally from) and stay with them.  As we had not been able to find any open ministry doors in South Carolina or Florida, Kent went job hunting for a filler job to create some income for what we thought would be 6 months at the most.  God has been gracious to us and even with the economy being the way it is Kent was able to find a job in retail after less than a month of searching.  Unfortunately, though, the ministry door has just not opened, so Kent is still working there.  Nathan was born last February (2010), and we knew that we were beginning to push the limits of how long we could continue to live with family.  Ultimately, we lived with Kent's mom for almost a year and a half before finally buying our own house (yay!) last June of 2010.  So now, we wait.  And wait.  And continue to wait.  God is moving, He is doing something.  We just don't know what yet.  All we know is the deep, painful cry of both of our hearts is to serve Him and to be used by Him and to hopefully be allowed to one day go back into full time ministry.  Until then, we wait...and pursue godliness.